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Palliative Care Resources

  • Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) Course on Essentials of Palliative Care
    The society supports the IAPC course on Essentials of Palliative care being conducted regularly by MNJ IO.
  • Training of Volunteers
    The society regularly conducts training and sensitisation program for volunteers.
  • Bedside Assistant Training in Palliative Care in coolaboration with ARDSI and ASRA (GHMC).
  • Communication skill training for General Practitioners.
  • Awareness talk on Palliative Care for Students of colleges and schools
  • One month Certificate Course in Palliative Care for Health Professionals and Volunteers
    The society supports the Certificate Course in Palliative Care at MNJ IO for doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers.
Training of community nursing from
CHAI working with HIV and AIDS

Faculty Development Programme in
Clinical Teaching

Palliative Care Training for Students of Dr Reddy's Hospital Administration Course,
Palliative care training is regularly offered to students of Dr Reddy's e Hospital Administration courses by classroom teaching and clinical placement of students in MNJ.

Faculty Development Program in Clinical Teaching, Stanford University for
the staff of MNJ, 26-27 June 2009

A two-day workshop on Faculty Development Programme in Clinical Teaching. Dr Mamata Yanamadala, the facilitator for the Stanford faculty development programme in clinical teaching, conducted the workshop. There were seven educational categories: learning climate, control of session, communication of goals, promotion of understanding and retention, evaluation, feedback and promotion of self directed learning.

  • Regular Introductory Class on Palliative Care for Students of Nursing on Oncology Rotation coming to MNJ IO.
  • Training of Students of Roda Mistry College of Social Workers.
  • Training of volunteers of Other NGOs like ARDSI, CHAI and CanKids, Delhi

Training of MV Foundation volunteers

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