Patient Story of Mrs M


An emaciated female Mrs. M aged about 40 years was brought to the Government Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad and abandoned in the premises. The patient who was semi-clad with bones sticking out and half conscious was referred to our hospice for treatment and care.   She was transported in our ambulance to the hospice where the doctor and nurses washed and cleaned her, including removal of maggots from her wound around the breast. She was properly clothed and fed. It appeared that, she was an advanced stage cancer patient (of the breast) who was deprived of proper treatment and neglected by her family. (more…)

Patient Story of Master V


Master V, a 4 year old sweet boy came with his mother to MNJIO & RCC in Feb 2019 and diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He landed in ICU in the first few weeks of his admission with breathlessness. The PPC team was treating him for abdominal pain and knew their background. His mother is a graduate who settled into the role of a home maker taking care of her two children. The father died due to liver failure one year prior to the diagnosis and his family did not want to support them anymore. So the single mother with no work experience with the help of her brother was trying to handle the situation. The mother had many doubts and was struggling with loneliness and the team did their best to never miss following her up. (more…)

Story of Mrs. S


Mrs. S was 50 years old. She was married at a very young age. She has one daughter. The day she was diagnosed with cancer, husband thought she was no more useful for his pleasure and left her and married another lady. S used to work in a hospital as Aaya and bought up her daughter.   Her daughter got married. Unfortunately her daughter was attacked by seizures at the time of her delivery, both the baby and her daughter were no more to her and S has become all alone in her life. It took a couple of months for S to come out of these situations. As all this were not enough she was diagnosed with cancer cervix. She used to come to the hospital all alone for treatment. (more…)

Story of Baby P


‘Baby P asked for a purple cycle. Is there any way we can get her one?’ This was the question on the minds of the doctor, nurse, and counselor of the children’s palliative care department at MNJ hospital in Hyderabad last month. P was a 12 year old child with leukemia on chemotherapy since a couple of months.   We first met P during a play hour session for all the children in the cancer ward. She danced to a popular Telugu film song and she looked just like any other healthy child, only more brave and lively. She showed us the true measure of her bravery when she started losing her liveliness. (more…)

Story of Mr. DS


This is the story of Mr. DS . He suffered with advanced Cancer Glottis. He underwent surgery and was left with Tracheostomy. He was referred to palliative care for his pain and tracheostomy care. Wife is the care giver and he has 3 children( girls).   They used to live in a small little room which is as small as our wash room. Wife is also a TB patient. He often used to complain of severe pain 10/10 round the neck and difficulty in swallowing and disturbed sleep due to pain and other psychological factors. He was registered for home care as he is the patient from Hyderabad. Home care team used to regularly follow up with the patient trying to address his physical and psychological pain. (more…)