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Patient Care

Society offers palliative care  to patients with incurable illnesses like cancer, HIV and AIDS and old age related issues collaborating with various orgaisations like MNJ IO, IMPACT, ARDSI , Dr Reddy’s foundation and CHAI.

Palliative care is delivered in the form of home-based care in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s Health Foundation and ARDSI, Outpatient, Day Care and In-patient Care supporting MNJ IO, Community-based care working with CHAI and MV foundation.

We offer trained bedside assistant to take care of patients round the clock.

Services offered are as the following:

  1. Treatment of uncontrolled symptoms like pain, nausea and vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, delirium (confusion) and breathlessness.
  2. Care of the cancer and other wound
  3. Care of the bedridden patients
  4. Lymphedema Management, Stoma care and Tracheostomy care.
  5. Psychosocial support in the form of councelling, emotional and social rehabilitation, bereavement support of the families after death and identifying and treating depression  and anxiety
  6. Spiritual support
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