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The 22nd International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care which was held during 13th to 15th Feb 2015 at HICC, Hitex, Hyderabad was a grand success, having achieved all the aims and objectives. 640 delegates consisting of eminent doctors, nurses, social workers and health workers and volunteers attended the conference from different parts of the country. About 22 states of India were represented. The highlight of the conference was the presence of over 100 delegates from as many as 18 foreign countries. The deliberations which went on as per the agenda of the scientific committee were well attended and appreciated by all those present for the high technical and educational level of the content.

The topics for the discussions covered a wide range encompassing all different aspects of palliative care of the terminally ill patients suffering from Cancer, HIV, Stroke, Paralysis, Dementia etc. Various allied topics concerning end of life care were also discussed and debated. As many as 100 posters covering a wide variety of relevant topics were displayed. The initial feedback from the delegates is one of high praised and the organizers were complemented for successfully conducting the conference.

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