Covid Palliative Care for Vulnerable Population in Hyderabad

An initiative of Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society


Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society which has been in the forefront of providing palliative and end of life care to patients living with life limiting diseases like end stage cancer etc, has started another initiative to meet the requirement of end stage COVID patients who do not wish get admitted in hospitals where the treatment is expensive and futile.


A new block has been opened adjacent to our Hospice which can accommodate about 20 beds. The owners, Sivananda Rehabilitation Home have kindly permitted us to use this block free of cost. The new block became operational on 12 th May 2021, when the Commissioner of Women and Child Welfare, Government of Telangana, requested us to accommodate 20 elderly women (70+ age group) who tested COVID positive from various old age homes of the city and had nowhere to go, but need to be isolated and cared for.


These patients are now being cared for by our staff Doctors, Nurses, Ayammas with other support staff and volunteers. We are trying our best to deploy fully vaccinated and COVID recovered staff for this purpose by offering good compensation. This is being done entirelyfree of cost in stark contrast to private nursing homes and hospitals who are charging around Rs. 50,000/patient/day for similar facilities.


The facility is exclusively for those with mild and moderate symptoms of Covid infection.


The facilities offered include well ventilated area with a proper bed and a neat clean and hygienic environment. A few oxygen concentrators have also been provided for those experiencing difficulty in breathing. Nurses and Ayammas have been posted round the clock with adequate PPE to constantly monitor the patient and report to the doctor periodically.


A senior Medical doctor has been hired to make visits to the premises and also be available remotely online to deal with emergency situations. An ambulance has been kept at the premises round the clock for moving serious patients if any to secondary and tertiary facilities. Nutritious meals are being provided 3 times a day including dry fruits, fresh fruits etc. Tea, coffee and liquid juices are also being provided time to time.


ORS is being provided tot eh elderly those who are not able to digest solid foods. Freezer box has also been kept ready in the event of death of the patient.


All mild cases of Covid positive patients who require immediate isolation both health workers as vulnerable community. Such people cannot afford the high costs of isolation facilities being offered in probate hospitals and nursing homes.


Government isolation facilities are often filled up to capacity. Such people are moving from pillar to post and hence the need for such facility.